Texas HuntingYou can be the first to hunt the beautiful Stix Ranch located 1 hour from Amarillo. If you are looking for a trophy quality deer hunt, you’ve come to the right place! The Stix Ranch has not been hunted for 3 years and has been intensely managed to yield nothing but 1st class trophy whitetail bucks.

You can expect to see plenty of trophy quality whitetail on our ranch. Our deer have been on protein feeders for 3 years with no hunting pressure. The deer in Donley County are also larger bodied deer than what you will find on a South Texas deer hunt. We will be hunting in stands looking over protein feeders, water, and natural travel areas. During the rut rattling can be very effective on this ranch.

The Stix Ranch will have a guide that’s number one goal is to ensure you have a fun and successful hunt. Our guides are good stewards of the land and have an extreme passion for trophy whitetail deer. Your guide will pick you up from the airport if needed and will also take you to and from your hunting location. While our lodge is being built all hunters will be staying in Clarendon, TX. Your guide will also score your buck, transport your meat to the processor, cape your deer for the taxidermist, and help you track and retrieve your trophy. The guide fee is $200 per day.